How to clean a comforter-step by step

If you’re finding it hard to remember the last time you washed your comforter, then now is probably the right time to do it. Getting into bed and wrapping yourself up in your comforter can be the best part of ending a long day and the hardest part to undo in the morning. All of the time we lose count when we lay in bed watching tv shows we also end up getting the comforter dirty. In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how to clean a comforter. It is actually easier than you might think.

How often should you clean our comforter?

Before getting into the process of how to clean your comforter, it’s important to know how often you should be doing it in the first place. It may be unnecessary for you to clean your comforter that much if you use a cover, as the cover should stop it from getting dirty. However, it is still advised that you clean the covers at least once a month and the comforter itself should be washed a few times every year.

How to clean a comforter

All kinds of dirt and bacteria can build up in our comforter so you should wash it at least twice a year minimum. Below are the steps you can follow to get your comforter cleaned and have a healthier bedtime. Luckily, no dry- cleaning is required.

Follow instructions on the tag

After determining how many times you have to clean your comforter, you should find the tag. This should have all the information necessary to get it washed perfectly. Keep in mind that sometimes the tag may say dry-cleaning only but it is still possible to wash it in a machine regardless. In fact, dry cleaning may even cause damage to the fillings inside a comforter because of the chemicals.

Use a gentle detergent

When you pick a detergent, make sure to use a mild one. As comforters only require a small amount of detergent to get it cleaned. Overdoing this may leave soapy residues and can even damage the filling and soft feel of your bedding. Harsh detergents contain additives that should be avoided when it comes to cleaning down comforters as they can have a negative effect on the feather filling.

Only wash in the right machine

The size of your machine should accommodate the size of your comforter. Truth is that your comforter might just be a little more delicate than you’d think. If you have to wrestle with your comforter to make it fit in the washing machine, then chances are that it will get damaged and even a single tear on the comforter will also ruin your sleep. So, if your machine is not big enough we recommend you to play it safe and take it to the laundromat. A quick tip: top-loading machines have mechanisms that tend to snag and tear big loads so it would be best to avoid those.

Begin washing

After picking the right detergent and washing machine, the next step is to start washing. You should adjust the settings on your machine so that it runs in a gentle or delicate mode. When selecting the temperature make sure to avoid the extremes. Too cold or too hot might not be the best for your comforter but a slightly warm temperature should do the trick.

Keep rinsing

It is very important to have your comforter thoroughly rinsed as the soap tends to stick to the filling of your comforter and this affects its texture. By thoroughly rinsing your comforter you can get this soap off. But make sure you do this in gentle cycles to keep your comforter in its best shape.

Dry it out

The final step is crucial as you must dry your comforter properly after you’re done washing. Down and down-alternative comforters are very prone to mildew if they’re not dried thoroughly. All types of comforters need proper drying but without the use of high heat. Instead, a pro tip is to throw in a towel that will help your comforter dry more evenly. You can also throw in some tennis balls which also do a great job at fluffing the comforter although it might make some noise.


We hope this article helped you get ideas on how to clean your comforter. The steps are very easy to follow and should be encouraging you to start the process today, as we know the importance of a clean comforter and also cleaning it the right way.

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