How to Steam Vegetables in Electric Pressure Cooker

The saying “good things in life don’t come easy” does not apply when it comes to steaming vegetables in an electric pressure cooker. It is as easy to prepare as it is healthy. Some may not be aware of the benefits of steaming vegetables in a pressure cooker and this article is for them. Along with saving time you also save yourself the hassle of the complicated steps needed in order to make them perfect. No need to dread cooking healthy meals anymore as these pressure cookers give you the freedom to be busy outside the kitchen while it cooks for you. Just follow the guide to know how to steam vegetables in an electric pressure cooker.

How it works

To get the most out of a pressure cooker, it is very crucial to understand how it all works. The electric pressure cooker is the most modern style of a pressure cooker. They mainly consist of three parts, the lid, inner pot, and housing.

The Inner Pot

The inner pot is a removable cooking pot inside the pressure cooker. The size of the inner pot determines the size of the housing, and to some degree the price of the cooker.

It is generally made from aluminum or stainless steel and some have a non-stick coating. Stainless steel inner pots tend to be the best overall option while.

The Lid Lock

When the lid is placed on the cooker in a sealed position, the lid and the inner pot form an air-tight chamber. The pressure inside this chamber increases when the heat is applied to the inner pot. The lid lock ensures everything stays in place when the pressure starts to rise. This is particularly important for safety purposes.

Safety Valves

If the pressure cooker fails to release any excess pressure, the inner pressure rises above controllable levels. When that happens, the safety valves let out the excess pressure to prevent any outbreaks.

The Housing

This consists of sensors, heating elements, and a control box. It accurately monitors the temperature and pressure of the inner pot with its sensors. It is fitted with a microprocessor to control the timing, heating, and keep up with complex cooking cycles.

The control panel is the user interface of the control box, it is used to activate the pre-programmed cooking cycle for different types of dishes.

Scientifically proven as the healthiest way to cook

how to steam vegetables in electric pressure cooker

It is no doubt that the effectiveness of steaming your vegetables may seem questionable, but fortunately, a 1995 study found that pressure cooking preserves the most nutrients in food. More than any other cooking method. The study showed that:

1. Boiling causes the loss of nutrients the most with a loss of around 60%
2. Roasting and steaming preserved up to 90% of nutrients
3. Pressure cooking did the best job at preserving nutrients with a 90-
95% retention rate

This is because pressure cooking doesn’t require a high temperature and also finishes cooking so pressure cooking may actually preserve nutrients better than other methods of cooking.

How to steam vegetables in electric pressure cooker

Tips to get the veggies perfectly steamed

When it’s done right, you can get the most flavors and nutrients from vegetables once you cook them in a pressure cooker. Unlike a normal pan, the airtight sealed pressure cooker locks in all the best parts of the vegetables which makes them taste even better.

To get the perfect veggies every time, follow these easy tips and tricks

Use a steaming basket or tray

It is ideal for steaming vegetables, a metal steaming basket means you won’t end up with waterlogged veggies, and you’ll be able to create pressure-cooker-baked goodies as

Always use the right amount of water

As cooking in a sealed container means you have less evaporation therefore you should use less cooking liquid when cooking in a pressure cooker than a conventional pot.

Make sure to check the recipe properly for exactly how much water your food needs and try to be as accurate with that as possible for the best result.

Rule of thumb

Never fill a pressure cooker more than two-thirds full of food. Also, never pack food tightly into a pressure cooker. Not only does this result in poor cooking but it is also bad for your pressure cooker.

Even pieces mean evenly cooked food

When they are not the same size it makes the cooking more uneven, so it is important to maintain the sizes according to the way you want them cooked.

Use the lowest setting

Ensure your vegetables don’t get overcooked in an instant. Most vegetables only need about 5 minutes under pressure to be fully cooked. So use the Low-Pressure setting on your pressure cooker which will increase the cooking time and chances of them turning out perfect.

Always check the cooking time

Before you start cooking the vegetable you’re about to cook and make sure to keep track of the time.

The quick-release method

This method is the most effective and it’s best for the long-term health of your pressure cooker. When The food is ready, it is best to release the pressure by opening your cooker quickly.

You may have to increase the cooking time

If you live at an elevation of 3,000 feet above sea level or higher you may have to increase the cooking time. A good general rule is to increase the cooking time by 5 percent for every 1,000 feet you are above the first 2,000 feet above sea level.


We have gathered some of the most important tips and tricks. So you know how to steam vegetables in an electric pressure cooker without having to make any mistakes. All the points are worth knowing and can be beneficial to beginners who want to use their new pressure cookers like a pro. for experienced users who just want to learn some new tricks.

These easy tips can help you improve the quality of the meals that you steam, resulting in an overall satisfying experience.

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